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  • NEWS: 14 JULY 2020

Due to the recent War with Russia, we have been given a large number of properties that are FOR SALE at very low prices, directly from the owner.

We are seeing upto 50% discount on some larger properties since before the war began.

Rich owners are selling off their second or even third property and using the money to consolodate or to live during these difficult times, where supermarket prices have increased 3 fold, due to current supply difficulties.

It has never been a better time to invest! Or buy a large Property for yourself!


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We are based in Odessa, but we also provide high quality property Management services to clients in all major cities of Ukraine.

It can be difficult for foreigners in Ukraine, the difficult language, trust levels etc, etc.

If you are from abroad and need help buying a property, legal assistance, or Rental Management, then you have found the right website!

Our experienced team and unique knowledge of the property market has formed our reputation for superb execution, allowing us to become one of the most respected asset management companies in Odessa.


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  • NEWS: 1 AUGUST 2020

We join partnership with LHUA local Lawyers, based in Odessa. They will deal with all our Legal & Notary Paperwork.

This enables our clients to purchase property without coming to Ukraine, by them writing a simple Power Of Attourney for Purchase.


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We have worked with Property Management in Odessa Ukraine for more than 10 years. We are highly experienced in Ukraine Property management Law and are completely client focused. We work for you!

No matter what your enquiry relates to please feel free to contact us and to discuss any matter that is on your mind.

From advising on real estate and capital investment, to Key Management and Rental Services, we have done it ALL before!

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